"If painting and print making leads at the front of Carl Stimpson’s artistic practice, then music is the rhythm section that throbs and hums from the back. 

The UK - Russia Year of Music 2019 has provided Stimpson with an opportunity to explore new influences.  He has fully engaged in the spirit of cultural exchange, bringing his work to the streets of Ekaterinburg and borrowing from the place and it’s people to add new elements into his lexicon.

The Year of Music aims to inspire and it has certainly catalysed something in Stimpson. Much of the new work in this exhibition has been produced as a direct response to the themes of this event.  He will be continuing to work and research during his first visit to Russia in the coming weeks."                                                    

                                                                                          Paul Horne

15th November - 15th December 2019 the Yeltsin Centre hosted "Music Музыка" an exhibition of work celebrating the UK - Russia Year of Music.