'Instant Mash', a solo exhibition of new screenprints and paintings by Hackney-based pop-artist Carl Stimpson comes to specialist print gallery ATOM (Hackney, London) from 2-23 February 2019.

Carl Stimpson blends carefully painted portraits of icons from the worlds of music and film with cartoon techniques and imagery, and classic but obscure advertising logos. So far, so pop-art, but where his work diverges is in his treatment of this classic material - his use of the “ligne-claire' technique, the imposition and projection of his mashups onto suburban and urban walls as fictional murals, a slight twist in some of the lovingly painted portraits.

Having trained initially as a painter - he studied Fine Art at The Arts Institute of Bournemouth (now Arts University College Bournemouth) - the recent addition of screenprinting to his painting techniques has allowed Stimpson to introduce an element of mass-production to his work, producing beautifully varied editions where the flatness of a screenprinted black ink layer contrasts with softer hand-painted elements. 

Atom Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Stoke Newington, North London, hosting regular exhibitions and showcasing work from both new and emerging artists and printmakers. 

Atom Gallery, 127 Green Lanes, London N16 9DA

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11am-6pm.